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Vòng tay thuỷ ngân hấp thụ chấn động TENEX (Made in USA)

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Vòng tay thuỷ ngân hấp thụ chấn động TENEX (Made in USA)

Tenex Elbow Shock Absorber absorbs the vibrations whenever your elbow is subjected to sudden impact, usually associated with golf, tennis, baseball, hammer, pounding or typing on a keyboard for tennis elbow, golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

The Tenex Elbow Shock Absorber utilises a high-density liquid formula designed to absorb vibration at the wrist, before it travels to the sensitive tendons of the elbow and carpal area. This liquid acts as a powerful buffer. The Tenex creates a constant counter wave neutralising any harmful effects to the tendons. For tennis elbow and golfers elbow, this means vibrations transmitted from the tennis racquet or golf club to the elbow are decreased by 50 - 70 percent. As a result, an increase in strength and power may also occur.

This is the best treatment against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, muscle stress and fatigue. Studies show that Tenex Elbow Shock Absorber dampen vibrations better than anything ever seen and actually prevents tennis and golfers elbow and tendonitis. Simply wear it on your wrist, like a wrist watch.

This device will help treat injuries and combat pain before it gets to the elbow. This is a treatment - not a tourniquet.

The Tenex Elbow allows you to play and work longer, under the most damaging conditions. When worn regularly, it not only eliminates all symptoms of pain associated with tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), but also golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis), carpal tunnel and shoulder condition.

The Tenex device is fully adjustable, washable, has a soft nylon absorbent backing, a self-gripping fastener and is built to be worn many thousands of times.

Several hundred thousand people have already tried this remarkable product in over 35 countries since the product was launched over 20 years ago. A substantial number agree it successfully eliminates tennis elbow, golfers elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered or your money back.


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