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Vợt Tennis Yonex ASTREL 115 (Made In Japan)

Thương hiệu : Yonex
Mã hàng : 02AST115
Giá bán lẻ Sport House
4.750.000 đ
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Vợt Tennis Yonex ASTREL 115 (Made In Japan)

Yonex adds another chapter to one of their most comfortable racquets! It's called the Astrel 115 and it is designed for beginner and intermediate players who value easy power, high comfort and user-friendly maneuverability.  It should also work very well for the senior doubles player who is looking to regain a lost step. For this update, Yonex has reduced the length from 27.25" to 26.75", resulting in easier racquet preparation and faster acceleration.  Like the previous version, this racquet is defined by its  generous 115in² head size which delivers a forgiving hitting area with very low impact shock. Thanks to its light weight, the Astrel 115 provides virtually any player with the ability to swing fast and generate pace. To maximize vibration dampening, Yonex puts Vibslayer Carbon near the racquet's tip. New for 2020, Yonex has added a technology called Quadforce Gear, which extends the string bed at the four corners to create a softer more powerful stringbed. This racquet's high comfort also comes from the addition of a unique material called React Resin, which is a lightweight substance integrated into the graphite layup to create a more flexible and comfortable feel at impac. As with the majority of Yonex racquets, this one has an Isometric head shape, a feature that makes this racquet feel decidedly more generous and forgiving than its competitors.  From the baseline the Astrel 115 delivers a powerful and arm-friendly hitting experience. Medium length strokes produce easy depth, and there is massive power to be had on full swings. Thanks to an open 16x17 string pattern, you'll have enough spin-potential to bring the ball down hard. On volleys the newly shortened length (26.75") will make it easier for you to position the racquet under pressure. You'll also find enough power to finish points with a bang.  Finally, the easy targeting on serve will give you the confidence to swing for power. All in all, this update to the Astrel 115 not only keeps a good thing going, it also adds some impressive speed to the equation, making this one of the most user-friendly racquets in its class.

Thông số kĩ thuật Công nghệ
Kích cỡ mặt vợt 115 in² / 741.93 cm²
Chiều dài vợt 26.75in / 67.95cm
Trọng lượng vợt chưa có dây (+/- 5g) 260 g / 9.2 oz
Trọng lượng vợt đã có dây 9.7oz / 275g
Độ cân bằng (chưa có dây) 340 mm
Độ cân bằng (đã có dây) 13.6in / 34.54cm / 2 pts HH
Trọng lượng vung 292
Độ cứng 68
Độ dày thành vợt 27mm / 28.5mm / 25mm
Chất liệu HM Graphite/ Vibeslayer Carbon
Cốt vợt Yonex Synthetic
Mật độ dây 16 x 17
Độ căng dây (khuyến nghị) 40 - 55 lbs

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